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British Chambers of Commerce and Business Groups are among the leading partners in the Department for International Trade (DIT)’s Overseas Partner Delivery initiative. In 2013 UK Trade & Investment Minister Lord Green launched the initiative which aims to provide business-to-business advice and support to British SMEs doing and seeking to do business in rapidly developing markets around the word including the 8 markets in South East Asia – Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The OPD is aligned with DIT’s key export objectives to achieve by 2020:

  • 100,000 new exporters
  • £1 trillion worth of exports

BiSEA comprises all 8 OPD partner British Chambers of Commerce and Business Groups in South East Asia, all of which are providing bespoke business support to British SMEs including:

  • Advisory Services: legislation and regulatory advice; route to market; and business mentoring
  • Business Matching: identification of potential clients, agents, distributors, franchise partners, sponsors, etc and tailored meeting programmes
  • Events: product/services launches, press conferences, business meetings trade shows, industry missions, store promotions, networking events, receptions, etc
  • Knowledge Exchange: webinars, sector white papers, survey reports, case studies
  • Market Studies: sector research, competitor analysis

All 8 OPD partners in South East Asia have been fully accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce, based in London, and belong to the trusted BCC Accredited Network, seamlessly supporting UK exporters.

Since the OPD began, BiSEA has supported more than 3,000 companies to explore the many opportunities in the region.


To qualify for support under the OPD, a business must:

  • Have an active UK trading address
  • Be able to demonstrate that any support they receive from BCCS would help them deliver economic benefit to the UK through this trading address
  • This includes both UK-based businesses investing, or looking to invest overseas and foreign-owned businesses based in the UK.  Not-for-profit organisations and charities also qualify.
  • Individual BiSEA organisations retain discretion on who can access its services.

A business is not eligible for support if it:

  • Does not have an active UK trading address or
  • Is offering a product or service
    • which it is illegal to produce or sell in the UK or in the target market; or
    • which if sold abroad would breach export controls;
  • Where in the reasonable opinion of an individual BiSEA organisation an applicant company or individual has a business record or business practices or products which is/are likely to cause offence in the overseas market and/or embarrass the UK Government (for example, on corporate social responsibility grounds); or
  • Is planning to close down UK operations and transfer its assets overseas

Eligible but not yet ready to export:

If an individual BiSEA organisation deems the company eligible for the services described but is not in a position to best benefit from the services, the company will be directed to the relevant DIT team in the UK who will assist the company with a range of services to help them to become export ready. Following this, they will be offered the services under the OPD.

Each of the above Business Services is currently available at a cost that is subsidized by DIT. For more information or a proposal of work, please contact the appropriate individual BiSEA organization.